Quick Overview of Setting Up A Lights Spreadsheet

You can generate yourself a Lights Spreadsheet template for yourself here –


The value in a Lights Spreadsheet is that it’s personalized to your life and directly relevant to what you want to do.

That’s Step 1, and maybe the hardest step. Think about what you should be doing regularly. In my experience, it can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to really think through what you should be doing regularly. A question that helps to ask is, “What was I doing during the peak periods of my life?”

Once you know what you want to be doing regularly, you write them onto each row of the spreadsheet and build the initial habit of checking your Lights Spreadsheet in the morning and periodically during the day to do your Lights and mark them down as done.

Every day you do the item successfully, you mark it green. It’s surprisingly and strangely motivating to mark Lights green – there’s some good reasons behind this and it makes sense with what we know of human psychology and motivation, but it’s still surprising to me how motivating checking Lights off as green are.

Finally, you want to review your Lights every week to see how you’re doing and make adjustments. If they’re too easy and you’re succeeding at all of them, you can make them more difficult or expansive. If they’re too hard or poorly designed and you’re not succeeding at most of them, you make them easier and get more success going.

We’ll go into greater detail on best practices below, but that’s the quick version – figure out what you want to do regularly, create rows in your lights spreadsheet for it, and then check in daily and mark them off green. Make adjustments weekly.

If you do that, you’re going to build great consistency and have a much better life.

But let’s go a little deeper and give you some insights that have come hard-won over the years.

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